Circadian clocks essay

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Essay Circadian clock

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Circadian Clock

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Essay Circadian clock

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The Importance Of Circadian Rhythms In Shift Work Biology Essay. Our lives are structured around 3 different clocks; the social clock, the solar clock (light/dark cycle) and the endogenous biological clock (Roenneberg et al., ).

Essay on Circadian Rhythms 1. Describe how circadian and are attributable to internal biological clocks, driven by a major circadian pacemaker in the brain. The circadian pacemaker is entrained each day to the hour solar cycle, which is the major ´zeitgeber´ (literally time-giver).

Other zeitgebers are food intake, activity, or. A circadian clock, or circadian oscillator, is a biochemical oscillator that cycles with a stable phase and is synchronized with solar time.

Such a clock's in vivo period, is necessarily almost exactly 24 hours (the earth's current solar day). Specific circadian genes such as CLOCK, BMAL1, and PER are responsible for the main SCN clockworking machinery as well as subsidiary clocks in other parts of the body. In mice with mutations in time-keeping genes, deviant circadian sleep-wake and other rhythms can be observed.

Your circadian rhythm is basically a hour internal clock that is running in the background of your brain and cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals. It's also known as your sleep/wake cycle. Michel Siffre spent 6 months in a cave without external cues and found his circadian rhythm varied from hours again highlighting the existence of an internal circadian clock.

This also highlighted the importance of exogenous zeitgebers in regulating internal biological clocks.

Circadian clocks essay
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